Wolverhampton boss secretly hopes to lead the team to finish in Europe.

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Wolverhampton boss secretly hopes to lead the team to finish in Europe.

Wolves are rank 8th, 6 points behind the European football region. The Wolves just won at home against Fulham 2-1 last Saturday night.

Wolves still have a chance to return to European football next season. After collecting a 2-1 victory over Fulham in the Premier League game yesterday.

Rayan Ed-Nouri and a Tom Craney own goal gave the Wolves.

A two-goal lead before Alex Iwobi scored late on, but was too late. Along with making Wolves still have a little hope of playing European football next season Wolverhampton in the final 10 games https://ufabet999.app amid a situation. Where the main strikers, Kwang Hee-Chan and Mathias Cunha, are injur and have to Rest for several more weeks.

“I think we worked hard today. and very sticky I think we have a lot to deal with. We are faced with injuries in the upper attack area. Where we lost two main characters. It is a situation that we must find a solution to. In the end, in this game we had the cooperation of the people in the team helping each other play. and allow our team to move forward.”

“The goal of playing European football from the first day of this season started. And had to face the injury situation that we had been solving throughout this season Wolverhampton. If it could happen it would be a great achievement for all of us. Let’s wait and see if we can do it or not,” said Wolves manager Gary O’Neal.

Wolves next play in the FA Cup quarter-finals against Coventry City on 16 March 2024.