The case is overturned! Glazer may suspend Man United sale after offer fails

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The case is overturned! Glazer may suspend Man United sale after offer fails.

The epic transfer of Manchester United club owners has the right to end in shock. For Red Devils fans around the world with the Glazer family. May soon stop trying to sell the club after the offers that have come in are not satisfactory.

Manchester United is in a major transition period. It became clear over the last few months that the Glazer family. Who held the club for ten years. Ready to sell shares in hand to transfer power to new investors

Previously, it was reported that After considering proposals. From a few venture capitalists, such as the Qatari royal family. Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS and some anonymous American conglomerates. The Gale family Sir still did not give a clear answer to any party.

The latest is a report from The UFABET. That the Glazer family considering removing the club from the transfer market. Or stop trying to sell all shares down.

The reason is because until now The offers that have come into hand. Still not close to the numbers they want which is about 6 billion pounds

One of the options the Glazer family may have after suspending plans to sell the club. Is to register a new company in order to be able to use extra cash flow from outside capital. This will be under the conditions of pushing the club’s product sales. and commercial operations

This will allow them to make more money from Manchester United’s global fan. Base as well as strengthen their relationship with the club. But it will make the sale of the club in the near future. much less likely