Sport reveals Barca’s interest in Sabitzer joining the team.

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According to Spanish newspaper Sport. Barcelona are interested in signing Bayern Munich midfielder Marcel Sabitzer.

The 29-year-old midfielder joined Manchester United on loan in January. Which the overall performance is impressive. Eric Ten Hag, the head of the team until there was news that it was ready to buy

The club’s website has listed Sabitzer’s number 15 shirt for sale, fueling speculation the player could make a permanent move to Old Trafford.

However, according to media reports. Dan Bull revealed that “I throw” an interest in Sabitzer as well, stating that “Southern Tigers” are ready to be released from the team at a price of 20 million euros.

Barcelona lost Sergio Busquets, who left the club. UFABET While Franck Gessie is also expected to leave. Although the team has just acquired Ilkay Gundogan, Xavi Hernandez is still looking to further strengthen the midfield.

Yet, what is interesting is the depth of his trajectory found. That in football decisions each time is filled with “Decisiveness” does not care about In front of Brahma. Everything was done purely by his own heart. The kind that other footballers find it hard to behave like this. Because most often make decisions based on their relationship with football fans or family members.