Luis Diaz is delighted with the new era of Liverpool’s core, which is rich in Latin players.

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Luis Diaz the Liverpool‘s winger, is excited about the atmosphere of the entire organization’s transition to the Reds 2.0 era. With players from South America being the main pillars.

The current strength situation when team manager Jurgen Klopp has Alexis Mac Allister. To add to the senior team is equal to having as many as 4 players from Latin America. Along with Diaz, Darvin Nuñez and Alisson Becker UFABET

And all of them are regular teams called Klopp’s important cogs since the start of the new season. And ready to tie the lunchbox until the end of the 2025-26 season. When ‘JK’ is under contract at Anfield. 

“We all love and stand together. Sitting and giving speeches all the time.” the Colombian told the official website. 

“I like to make funny jokes. And I admit that personally the club has more players from Latin America, the better.”

“I got on well with the new players. Of course, because we communicate. The same province will have an advantage. It is an advantage.”

“It’s considered a good fit. It makes you very comfortable, stable, grounded and happy at the same time.” 

“Everyone who joins this club has the same mindset, wanting to play a role in the team. And all have excellent players.” 

“Everyone knows about the huge number of players playing football in South America. Each and every one of them was excellent.”

“Plus coming to work together at this great club. It is noble.”

Liverpool will play in the Europa League group stage against Union Saint – Chillois. Asian handicap is two goals -10, total goals three and a half -5.