Kai Havertz posts IG to understand Chelsea fans.

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Arsenal striker Kai Havertz has apologized to Chelsea fans after his new club debut video was leaked prematurely.

The 24-year-old had agreed to join the Gunners for £65m. But there was a video of him wearing a club shirt before the deal was officially announced. And Kai Havertz did not want to offend Chelsea fans Lous”

Posting messages via personal Instagram.

“To Chelsea, I would like you to listen to my thoughts before leaving Chelsea, from myself before thinking about joining a new team. This is not my style and it saddens me that you have to hear something like this today. I found myself at a crossroads. UFABET where words can’t describe the emotions I feel.”

“I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. To say goodbye to the club that has become my second home and to the amazing fans for their support throughout this amazing journey. We have experienced both good and bad. Joy and heartache come together. Today I want to thank all the Chelsea fans, staff, coaches and team-mates over the years.

“Joining the team three years ago was a big moment in my life. I look back on those years with pride. Many appreciations and sporting achievements.”

“From winning the Champions League league in previous seasons Winning the Super Cup and the Club World Cup and now saying goodbye. It was a journey I will never forget. Every second of my time at Chelsea I know what it means to represent the club on and off the pitch. And I hope everyone will remember me for this.”

“I am looking back on memories that will last a lifetime. The club will always be in my heart and have friends that will last a lifetime. It’s an honor to be a part of Chelsea history, thank you.”