There are two types of fish shooting.

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There are two types of fish shooting.

1. Normal fish. Let me tell you that it is a fish that we see that it swims around. used to keep score by small fish will be able to kill die a few times But if the big fish often use the number More ammo than ever

2. Fish with carry items called that we Will be able to distinguish this fish from other fish, that is, there is usually a circle of light surrounding the fish. Maybe it’s a crab or jellyfish which if able to shoot to death will get a special gun to own or get items Instantly attack randomly within the scene. so many players may scramble to shoot such fish 

in order to get something special

Boss types are divided into about 3 types.

1. Big Boss Fish. Say that this fish has the ability to warp back and forth. but appear often such as the tiger fish boss that will warp out of the hole, which will keep us waiting can shoot continuously From what I’ve tried, it can’t kill pills. Just use a missile shot to kill faster.

2. A slow moving boss moves in and out of the scene. This type of boss can be quite tough. For example, the shrimp boss is difficult. or boss jellyfish

3. Tell me that the boss fish It’s coming so fast Let’s just say that this type of boss, such as a dragon fish or dragon, appears and leaves the scene very quickly. Maybe even blocking our ammunition. Causing our target to escape and the power was quite a lot.

Tell me that everyone Able to make money easily with fish shooting games, shoot them into big ones, hope to get rich, then you are wrong. It has to shoot a small one, and if it doesn’t die, don’t be sad.

To play a fish shooting game to get rich and bang, you need to study various information to play. Today we have a great recipe. How to play online fish shooting games to be rich?

The most standard fish shooting game formula. don’t shoot fish because it will waste your ammo which is not worth the ammo credits you lose. Choose to focus on shooting fish with a locked target. To avoid wasting ammunition and to help you shoot dead fish more easily.

Do not use item to deal with item fish. Because it’s too risky that you won’t get items continuously. Keep them to deal with big fish or boss fish. Because these fish will give you huge bonuses ทางเข้า UFABET.